My Chapter Five

January 15, 2018

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I’d like my first post here be an introduction to myself, and the writing will follow.

This is my blog. I’m very excited about this, because I feel like after all my failed attempts, this will be the one that I learn the art of follow through with. I’ve got big plans for the two of us. But you will soon learn that there is a story behind the title of “My Chapter Five.”

I’m Cherri. I’m 46 years old, and to tell you the truth, this is the first time in my adult life, I’m truly trying to be an adult.

It’s been quite the adjustment. It’s almost a year since I started this road, and looking back, I can see the changes that have taken place, and how buckling down really has made a difference.

I battled depression for years. Something I realized, I didn’t know that’s what it was for a very long time. I still remember the first time I was told that, and the doctor wanted to put me on prozac, I refused. I didn’t want to take a pill for that. I fought it for a while before I finally talked to a doctor about it. Even then, I fought it. I took a pill. Then I was diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic, which I never full appreciated for what that meant.

I never took that stuff seriously. It wasn’t until this last year, making a lot of changes in every area of my life, that I began to appreciate the seriousness of what could potentially happen. If I could control the diabetes better, the depression would be better managed as well. I beat myself up pretty bad because I had managed to keep myself a float, but that was it. I had nothing to show for my hard work that I’ve done my whole life. Except making some other companies a whole lot of money. I was never able to pull ahead. Instead of trying to get ahead, I “maintained”, which was truly, a getting nowhere lifestyle.

I put a lot of pressure on myself, because of the bad decisions I made financially. Looking back, I have nothing to show for any of it.

Looking back on the last year, I am grateful for I have the family that I do. I’ve got a set of parents that are genuinely amazing, honorable, wonderful, giving and good people. I am who I am because of them. I’ve also got a pair of brothers that I think the world of. I’m glad I am finally learning to appreciate them more as the people we all are growing to be.

The most important member of my life, is a 6 ½ year old labrador mix named Maximus. Max for short.

Max has been with me since the young age of 5 weeks old. I still remember that first night, he never cried once. This creature has become the most important thing in my life. Right now, he’s to my left to my desk, sleeping. I’m taking him on adventure today, though not sure where. I’ll keep you posted.

I like to consider myself spontaneous, though I really don’t do a whole lot. I do like to think that I have the “spirit of adventure” though. A side I hope to express and share here.

I have a full time job. I won’t talk about it much here, but I will share the people I’ve met through here in ways. Like Friday night, I’m going to see LA Guns with one of them. That should be fun. I don’t want anyone to think that this will be a place that I’ll “hate” my job. There are more important things to discuss. : )

I used to think that I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, but now, it seems that the only thing I really want to do, is be a writer. I want to learn things, and share what I learn with others. I don’t want to be a teacher; I guess more so, I want people to not be afraid to try new things! I don’t want to be in an office for the rest of my life, I want to live my life. I know though, that we all have to have ways to support that dream. I can say, that for the first time though, I’ve actually got a game plan put together to get that ball rolling. (First time. Ever.)

Finally, you will learn that I have a passion for Five Finger Death Punch. They are a band, that I know most of you won’t ever hear unless you have teenagers, or you read my writings, and I will NEVER tell you that they are the best band ever. Only because I know people don’t have the same taste in anything. But I will tell you that I love them. I love their songs, and Ivan Moody’s voice helps me find that inner voice in me, and find the confidence in myself to not let things get to me like I once did. And someday, I am going to thank Blackie Lawless for that one act, that brought me the music that I love so much today. (5FDP came about because the guy from WASP, fired him to hire his old drummer.) I’ll spare you today, but there will be days, where I’ll share more. I have full intentions of posting a blog about that greatest hits collection they released in December… Not a happy camper.

What I hope to share with everyone, is options. Options are available for anything and everything these days, and one thing I want others to realize is no one’s entitled to anything. If we want anything, we have to work for it. No one’s going to give anything to you for free just because you think you deserve it. If you want it, you need to look for it. And if you’re smart enough to look for it, I’m more than willing to share the information I’ve accumulated though my life.

(I have an item on my bucket list that will hopefully utilize this knowledge some day. I want to try out for Who Wants to be a Millionaire down in Las Vegas.)

Have a swell day!



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