Rock N Roll

I’ve been a fan of music since I was a kid. I remember Sunday mornings, listening to WUPM and the morning requests while Dad read the paper and Mom made us breakfast. I loved the radio when I was growing up. I even wanted to be a disc jockey until my senior year in high school.

I have loved all kinds of music.The band I’m going to see on Friday though, takes me back to when I was 16. Not the same kind of feeling when others go back to the band that they loved at 16. This one had a different kind of twist. LA Guns.

I’ve been thinking about Tracii Guns a lot lately. I bet you didn’t know that he was the Guns in Guns N Roses at one point, did you? That still trips me out at times. What it boils down to though, I would pay to see Tracii Guns. I wouldn’t give Axl Rose a dime if he begged me for one.  That’s more a matter of respect.

Tracii may not have made it huge. But the guy is respectable. I have to say that.  What’s even cooler?  Phil Lewis is on vocals. The voice behind the band that I first knew. I haven’t looked into the rest of the line up, but I am looking forward to it no matter what.

It had been awhile since I listened to music, but yesterday I had the Amazon music player going, and I forgot the music I had on there.  Took me way back, to the days of childhood. Mac Davis always reminds me of a drive between Stuesser and Jarvi’s…anyone from back there knows exactly the road I’m talking about.  Ah, I have been missing home.

Back to my point, rock n roll. It is an amazing thing, music. It takes us places we forget about, times that have been long buried, but nonetheless, always brings a smile or a sweet memory. Long live rock n roll.


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