I heard a word this morning, courtesy of Kramer on “Seinfeld”. Flinty. He was describing the phone sex operator’s voice that he’d been chatting with. I thought that was a great word to describe a voice. Ivan Moody has a very flinty voice.

Thing is, by saying that, I’m assuming everyone reading this would know what a flint was.  So, here’s a thought. How would people come to learn about flints?

I don’t remember how I learned, but I know flints were in old lighters. When you flicked it, the turn of the wheel caused a spark when it hit the flint, and that’s how the lighters were lit. I’m not sure, but I’m confident to say that the cowboys probably used them as well to start fires in on their journeys.


I was surprised to read this. Anyway, my point of it all was it causes a spark. And I just liked the word.

I’ve already bummed myself out because I  only posted twice this week. I intend to post every day, but I had a rough week with my shoulder. I need to relax is what I need to do. I’ve been bored, which is never a good thing. When I get bored, I get lazy.

I’ve got to get a plan for Max and myself. He’s gained weight, which is never a good thing for anyone. His arthritis has been bothering him. The main issue seems to be stairs and jumping in the car. I looked at ramp ideas, and no, I’m not going to try them myself. I live in an apartment, and I have to think about my neighbors. How would I use such a thing?  I need to be able to get him down those stairs so we can walk more.

He did not hesitate going down the stairs this morning though. Heck no, there is snow on the ground. When he sees that, he is like a puppy all over again. That’s why I wanted to take him out so early. I can let him roam freely because no one else is up. He’s such a good boy off leash. I understand the rules though, and yes, sometimes I’m going to break them. He’s such a good boy. He truly is.

I know people thing that they’re dog’s the best dog. That’s not how I mean to sound. He’s my buddy, my companion. We’ve been together for six years now.  And looking at him, and knowing that it’s my fault that he’s this way, really breaks my heart.

So I owe it to him for us both to get him healthy.  I need to figure out different ways to give him his medicine, because I can’t keep feeding him eggs. I looked at the cholesterol level and I freaked out. Not to mention, that’s a lot of  protien on top of his dog food.

I have been doing my best to keep him moving in the house. I’ve got the tennis ball gun I stole from mom and dad’s, and a bunch of tennis balls. He never brings the balls back, but I tell you he chases it, and he loves that darn thing. He gets all excited. It’s like the first snow all over again, so cute. I know I should bring the gun back. I think I should just buy a new one. It’s on the 2018 wish list. I’ve very fortunate to have some awesome neighbors downstairs who don’t mind. We don’t do it often, and they’re usually gone when we do that.

Right now, he’s sleeping in front of the tv.

I need a new Walking Dead episode. My friend Sharon, who introduced this show to me, and I are going to watch the new one together. She got me a  Negan cup, and I have to say, he’s the only reason I made it through to this part of the show.  For a while there, it was tough watching it.  Now, I have to say, though I really don’t know what to think about the way the story’s going, I do have to say I like the characters. Especially Negan.

What I’m really looking forward to, is Milwaukee in March. I’m so excited to see Colette. We’ve got big plans. Big, big plans. Seriously, pizza at Barbiere’s is one of the first must dos. I can’t wait. (Mom’s sauce is very close though… : ) )  The Jelly Belly Factory is also on our list. I can’t wait to see that one. I lived in Milwaukee for 8 years, and never did that tour.  Seriously though, I just miss my friend. We haven’t been able to hang out for a long time, and I think it’s something we both need.  Hockey game on Sunday with her boyfriend too.  I’m really happy I’m going to get to see her new house too. She’s been there for years, and I’ve never seen it.  This has been a long time coming. Max will hang out with his grandparents. : )

On that note, I’m going to tackle my apartment. Every week, I try. Every week, I get  closer.  I’m not touching that spare room until I get the four rooms that require daily maintainence under control.  It’s not bad, it’s just tons of CLUTTER. I really do not enjoy the clutter anymore. I never did really, but I’m finally doing something about it.




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