My Poor Max

This puppy has had a rough couple of months. He hasn’t been the same for a while. I think he hurt himself back in November.  Not that the treatment changed when we went back to the vet, he confirmed that Max had pulled something in his back legs.

Well, in nursing that injury, I think that’s’ when he broke his toe.  He’s been letting me wrap it every now and then, but not often. Yesterday I tried everything to keep that baby wrapped, but he wasn’t in the mood. (I did learn that a pin must have poked him at one point.)

He did take me for a walk this morning, which I was thankful for. I don’t want him to not be walking, but at the same time, I know he can’t be doing long walks. I always let him dictate what we do. This morning was not a huge walk but further than we’d been going. I think he is getting better, but then pushes himself too hard one day, and then we have to scale it down for the next day.  I don’t care, as long as we’re walking. He’s such a good dog though.  This picture of him, is one of my favorites. I think he was only like 3 months old in it.

I had an awesome talk with Colette over the weekend. Her and I don’t talk on the phone like we used to.  I’ve been planning a trip back to Milwaukee to hang out with her. I am going to spend one day seeing everything and everything from my life in Milwaukee, but my trip is for my best friend.  We haven’t hung out to hang out in a really long time, so I’m really looking forward to this.   Friday is going to be busy though, lots of people to see … Bev,  Kerry, Kelly and I have a few people I’m going to be saying goodbye to. I haven’t been to Milwaukee since they left us, so i’m going to pay my respects. I’m hoping to get my ticket this pay check.

I’ve got a full mind today.  I was in bed so blasted early last night.  I was starting to get a sore throat, and after I to ok my shower, I ended up just crawling into bed. I don’t even know who won the superbowl yet. I haven’t seen anything online yet, and I’ve been dinking around for a while! : )

On that note, it’s time to enjoy my coffee. 🙂 have a swell Monday.






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