Good morning!

It is Friday morning as I write this. It has been an anxiety filled week, and it’s bothered me that I couldn’t figure out why. Then this morning it hit me. I started a new job on Monday. I’m allowed to feel a little anxious.

until yesterday, we trained. And while in training, I seen a few things I didn’t agree with. Was anything done wrong?of course not, but I would have taken a different route to get the end result.  And I realized, that’s ok.

It finally dawned on me, that I haven’t even had a chance to try this out yet. I hadn’t tried anything out yet. I haven’t had a chance because I just started Monday. That was thirty two working hours ago.

I finally relaxed a little thankfully. I’ve already decided that this is going to be my work home for a long time, I really do need to just do what I’m told, and learn the process. Not my process. Their process.

Im glad that my path is settling down for awhile.  This however, made me cancel my trip to Milwaukee.

i miss Colette. I was really looking forward to seeing her. If I had the money to reschedule the flights, id fly out there for two nights in May. My boys in Five Finger Death Punch are playing the Eagles Ballroom. That’s my favorite venue of all the venues I’ve ever been to. That’s the stage I seen Korn  play for the very first time in 1995. Since the have only done festivals and arena shows for the last how many years, it would have been so cool to see them in a smaller place. That just doesn’t happen for them any more.

the Eagles Ballroom. Five Finger Death Punch. With my best friend. That is my dream. People don’t get that. That would give me one day to hang out with my best friend, who I miss more every day because it’s been a long time. Years. Barbieres pizza. The Rave building with tons and tons of memories for us. Ending with the band that I ❤️ Love. 6days before the new album comes out.

Thats my dream. Then stopping off for Denny’s on the way home. 24 hours, but it would be 24 hours to talk about for years to come.

It could be done. Leave Friday night. Come back Sunday.

I know, I know… but it would be awesome to have some spontaneity in my life.

on that note, I’m getting ready for work now… have a great day and a great weekend. Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow.


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