Five Finger Death Punch

dear five finger death punch

Good evening.

I’ve got a lot on my mind tonight. The biggest thing, is in the subject line. The boys.

I’m going to share some opinions now, that I’ve never shared before. And please, keep in mind, this is only my opinion. I represent me, myself and I.  I’m probably going to say some stuff that I’ve never admitted anywhere before. I don’t know if the guys actually follow me, but something tells me that a few do. I hope they do. Because if they do, that means they do value my opinion.

With that being said, I in no way am trying to hurt anyone’s feel bads. Because of that, I have kept a lot in for a long time. I love these guys.  I really do. I’ve grown up with them, per say. We all became “adults” together.

But I don’t have good feelings about the way things are going. I don’t like that they released a greatest hits album in December, THAT DID NOT INCLUDE NEVER ENOUGH.

Who’s hair brained idea what that? Really? That, to me as a fan, is simply disrepectful. I can’t even tell you how offended I am. I want to know why. Tell me why, and maybe I won’t feel this way.  But that really pissed me off, you guys. Seriously PISSED ME OFF.

I know I could google it or something, but you know what? I’m done with that stuff. I really don’t want to learn about you guys on the internet.  Therefore, I don’t know anything. So, I’m asking you now… why wasn’t it on that release?

My next question is this. I bought a tshirt for Kara at the last show I was at, and it was Decade of Destruction. This album was the one that was just released.  2 1/2 years later.  Was it because of that lawsuit that this time passed?  Doesn’t bother me none, when it clicked, I was just curious.  🙂

“Gone Away” … I still don’t know what think about that one. Great cover. I have to admit this though. I do prefer The Offspring’s version. I grew up with them.

My next concern is the fact that you’re going out to do another whirl wind tour. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see you in July…. I so wish I could see the Eagle’s Ballroom show in May, but I’m not a miracle worker. There’s no way what so ever I can afford a plane ticket. I just lost the one I had for the trip I was supposed to take last week. In fact, I’m supposed to be returning today.

Would I love to go to that show? Absolutely. It would be me and Colette. The Ballroom. I love the Ballroom. That is the place I grew up with, going to shows. The first one I remember going to was Type O Negative, Kellie and I drove down from Ewen.  That was my darker music days.  The most memorable show though, Korn. Before anyone knew who the hell they were.

I even bought their cassette (gasp!) that day!

Yeah, the one thing I have on my bucket list is to see you guys on that stage.

I have to settle for Usana. With a band that I really can’t stand. Never have been able to get into Breaking Benjamin. I know that makes me weird, but I’ve seen them on the Rave stage… and wasn’t impressed.   When I go to those shows, it’s not to see all the bands. It’s to see you.

I really don’t enjoy shows at Usana. It’s huge, and there are way too many people, and it’s not a personal experience at all.  Opposite of the Ballroom.  I guess it comes down to this, I miss the smaller venues.  As much as I love to see the success the band is having, I’m being selfish. I want the small venue feeling again. Ivan enjoys those shows more.  Chris enjoys those shows more.  I think anyway.

I worry about Ivan. After what happened last summer, I really think that they should be taking a longer break. Why? Because I think Ivan should spend some time at home, in his garden, with his family. I think Chris should be at home with his wife. I think Jeremy should get that back taken care of once and for all. And Zoltan, he should work on every single wonderful thing that he works with. And Jason, if he wants to keep working towards superstar dom, let him work on a solo career.

I am going to sound very hateful right now, about Jason. And I truly don’t want to. Because if it wasn’t for him, things that have happened would not have happened. Jason is a fantastic business man, and a great guitarist. However, my perception of him is that he’s very self centered.

Because of this perception of him, I believe that it is him that is not allowing the band to take a much needed break.  They have been touring pretty much none stop for as long as I’ve been following them.   Right now they are bigger than they ever have.  I believe that if they don’t take a break, it’s not going to go well.  I believe that they are always together, and never at home being able to deal with life, and they are going to really resent each other.

I don’t see it going well. At all.  It’s too late now, you’ve got the year spoken for, but guys, please, will you take some time off?  I am asking, for your peace of mind. Live Life. Don’t look back in 10 years and try to remember it, and realize it was in a tour bus!  Take a year off to enjoy all of that success you’ve gotten.

You deserve it. And I love you all enough to beg you to please do it. The fans won’t forget who you are. I promise you. I don’t have a good feeling if you don’t.

Zoltan, you’re the brains.  Last summer, when things were happening, I was one of those people freaking out. Because of the fact, I really do adore Ivan. Personally, I really do. Hearing about the tantrum by the other guitarist, really had my anxiety going.  It was shortly after that, that Hired Guns was released.   I’m not kidding, it was like a rush of peace came over me, and it was like I was reassured “Zoltan’s got Ivan’s six.”. Seriously, those words.

It was that term that made me start thinking about a lot of things differently, because I began to understand what it meant.  Got your six.  It really bothered me when I realized Jason … was a rock star.

I’m telling you this because I want to talk to you as Z, Ivan’s brother. Take the time off. For all of you. You and Grace can travel the world, the things that you try! I love watching that, because … you are living. Jeremy’s in pain, he needs to get that back taken care of.  I want Chris to go home and hang out with his family and pugs.  Ivan getting back to himself.   And if Jason is the one that needs to keep touring, he can work on a solo career.

Maybe I’m out of line here. But it would have been  nice if you guys had waited a little while to get that new album together. It feels rushed, but I’m sure it’s stuff you’ve worked on all along.  December though. It’s only six months between releases.

I suppose though, it’s past my bedtime.  I feel better about this though.   I will never get to sit across the table to chat with you guys… though once upon a time ago, I was … i know I’d never get another chance.  I really want you guys to last forever. And I can’t help but worry…  I love you all.




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