Jason Hook

So, after I posted last night, I got to thinking about how I sounded about Jason. It’s not that I don’t like the guy, and he’s always been nice to me. Just being someone that isn’t involved, and looking in, it’s what I see.

Jason’s a busy guy. He’s got a lot of irons in the fire, and I appreciate that about him. He’s a hard worker, and if not for him, I don’t know that the band would be having all the success that they’ve seen over the years.

But it was over the weekend, that I truly felt resentment towards him. It’s my issue, not his.  I have been listening to Pandora a lot, and hearing a lot of Billy Joel. It clicked this weekend, that I don’t know his side of the story.  That’s why I resented him. After seeing Hired Guns, I came away hating Billy Joel.

I shouldn’t have an opinion about Billy Joel other than what a talented guy he is. Or was. I don’t listen to his new stuff, but that stuff was great. *I’m listening to the music from the era that his band that told their story in Hired Guns played. 70s. Early Billy J Hisoel.

This sounds silly, but it got to me that I even cared about that.  I shouldn’t be judging anyone for their lives. I wasn’t there, I don’t know that whole story. And if Billy Joel really was the prick he was said to be, Billy’s the one that will have to deal with that when it comes to that time. Whether it be the Pearly Gates, or karma… he’ll have to answer if he needs to.

With this movie coming out right when Ivan was going through his issues, and Jason’s episode on the side of the stage that night… Just left a bad feeling in my gut. I don’t like that I even have an opinion on this. I’ve got other things that I need to be worrying about. But  this is what is bothering me. Therefore, I’m just getting it out.

Another take I came away from Hired Guns with, Jason’s about Jason.  It was like his story was the only Cinderella story out of all of those guys. Good for him, but because I seen this, this is what I see right now with the band.

They’ve not taken any real time through out all of this growth that they’ve experienced.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how they stay sane through it. I seen it a lot over the last year, where I think that it’s becoming evident that they aren’t.  Not all of them, but … they are human. And I’ve seen it in the two most human of the five.  (Not that they aren’t all human, some just a little more evident than others. If I need to explain it I will, but you should know what I mean.)

I think Jason’s hungry for more. Not that they all aren’t, but he’s the one who can’t let it go, he’s got dreams and by golly, he’s going to reach them. That’s really awesome, and I say go for it, but maybe you should think about a follow up to your solo release.  Give the guys two months band free, and then start talking about this stuff again.   Everyone needs a true vacation from work.  And I bet, none of you get one.

On that note, off to work I go. Have a great day. Hi Mom and Dad. 🙂

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