The Walking Dead

Who’s ready for tonight? Not me. I’m already worrying about the next show. Only three more episodes left of Unsolved.. I’m going to be lost!

Anyway, nothing major going on, but I want to share on little nugget of knowledge that has come to light in my life.

If they won’t share the canned air now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be one to survive in the zombie apocalypse then .

Random. But true.

Happy Sunday.

3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead

  1. Well, I’m not sure how I stand about watching the Dead next season. It isn’t because they didn’t kill Negan. I love Negan, he’s my favorite character. It was more the way the whole Rick Michonne ending went. I think it was when Michonne did the cheesy thing of sticking her finger in his owie or whatever. That whole scene was so disappointing. Then the whole Maggie/Daryl thing. I don’t know if I’ve got it in me to watch more cheesy soap opera crap. If I want to watch power plays, I’d watch the damn news. I miss Carl already.


    1. What about Rick and Carl? Though I think that the way they had it with Rick in the end, he did a good job with dealing with that loss I think. However, I”m not sure I want to see how this next chapter rides out. I guess it would be nice to see these characters do new things instead of piling on each other. Just my thoughts.


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