That Thing You Do

I’ve been sitting here thinking about how I blindly follow things. Mostly people, because I believe what I want to believe. That’s my own fault. I know this, because in my world, where I choose to be ignorant, it’s my choice. I choose to be this way because the truth sucks.

I’m not going to spend my time here ripping on anyone or anything. Because it was my own choice to see what I wanted to see. I didn’t want to read the horror stories about anyone, so I lived in a bubble.

The reason I’m so disappointed in myself right now, is all the support I put into things that I don’t think now, really deserved my heart and soul. It’s not their fault – their being the artists, people, causes …. – because they never misrepresented themselves. At all.

We see what we choose to see. Only that.

Thinking about this subject, made Liv Tyler’s voice go through my head. At first I thought it was Empire Records. The whole Rex Manning day thing. But then I realized no, it was the Tom Hanks movie. Kind of fitting I suppose. Because this is how I see one scenario playing out… this whole movie actually.

Fay Dumps Jimmy – That Thing You Do

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