I’ve learned

That living in the dark can be so much better than reality. That’s why I live that way. Reality sucks.

There was a reason I didn’t go looking for the lawsuit. I will tell you that what I took from all of that, when I did look, was every one was betting on Ivan’s demise.

I’m sure that’s not what it was, but that’s my translation. And for that, I say fuck all of you. Seriously, everyone talked shit, but what did anyone do? I’ve been on that end of dealing with an addict, and yeah it sucks. But suck it up.

I know I know nothing. And I’m not even going to go there. I’m really kind of disgusted, but I”m not sure who I’m supposed to be disgusted with. If Ivan had issues, as they so clearly talked of, why didn’t anyone really stand up and do something about it?

Now that’s a question I’ve always had. When Got your Six came out, I thought that stood for something, but clearly… clearly it didn’t. That was false advertising, Five Finger Death Punch. Yeah, years later things are okay, but what did it take? Was it worth it?

I don’t know. But I used to admire you all as PEOPLE. Which made me appreciate the musician side of you that much more… but now, now I can’t help but feel empty. That’s my fault though, not yours. I shouldn’t have put so much into people I don’t even know.

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