Meeting Someone

I haven’t really minded being single for so long. I needed to figure out a few things about myself before I could let anyone else in. I know this. And I think that my attitude shows this.

I’ve come to notice a few things about myself. So, I’m just making it known what I’m looking for in case as he finds this blog and wonders about me …

1. I’m a loner. I prefer my own company and Max’s company. Though I enjoy hanging out, I am not ready to have someone around ALL the time. I’m thinking maybe one night a week, or even every other week.

2. I don’t care what we do, as long as we are not in my apartment. His apartment. Or the drive in.

3. He needs to have a dog. And it needs to be a girl. Max needs a friend too.

4. He needs to have a sense of humor, preferably as sarcastic as mine. That way I know he fits in with my family as well when necessary.

5. Hum, really that’s it. He must work of course, and be able to get around himself because I’m not a taxi cab. (Meaning, I’m not picking him up to come to my apartment!) He needs to be independent enough to figure it out on. His own. Or if he doesn’t work, have a good reason and his own money. (I’m pretty reasonable when it comes to good reason. Laziness is NOT one.)

Everything else is pretty negotiable. Oh, wait. If he can cook, then he’s my hero. I really would love to have meals cooked for me. I’m such a lazy chef.

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