I’ve come to realize that my preferred tunes these days is 70’s Lite Rock. Like right now the Commodores are playing, and I must have heard this song 15 times in the last month, and it still sounds good. (Sail On). I’ve noticed that they play a lot of the Carpenters too, which got me thinking about how sad Karen’s story ended. She really had a beautiful voice.

We tend to forget, they’re people too. I know I do when it comes to the band. I hate realizing that they are people that I wouldn’t like, and that’s what my issue’s been. Not all of them, I have one in particular that really has hurt me. I really didn’t want to see it in him. It’s my fault. He doesn’t and never has owed me anything, and that’s why it bothers me to realize that he’s someone I simply wouldn’t like. Because now, I simply do not like him at all. I admire his talent, but as a person, he makes me physically sick.

But then, everyone in the world today is making me feel this way lately. Almost everyone. There is always an exception to every rule. I know this, but I really have begun to appreciate a few more things.

We’ve Only Just Begun… The Carpenters. Does anyone else get those flashbacks to 1408?

I’ve begun to truly despise social media as of late. That whole Roseanne thing kind of made me realize how much it can rule people’s lives. She had her whole world, amongst many others, flipped upside down over one inappropriate tweet. Wow. Goes to show you how easy the masses can be influenced by it. (Social Media.)

My whole thought process about it is…. did everyone just forget who it was that said it? Roseanne’s been a big mouth since day one. Day one. She didn’t change. Social Media did.

That’s all I’m saying. She didn’t change.

They aren’t playing any America today. I think I’ve got to change my channel… Hold please 😉

That’s much better. This singer was technically the first famous person I’d ever met. It was at the America/Starship concert in Bessemer, MI. I was 16. Haven’t thought about that in a long time. That’s probably why I’ve loved them through the years. I Need You is one of my favorites.

On that note, I’m off to do some housework. I’m almost done with laundry. Yay me!

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