What’s weird to me, is I’ve got Alf playing on the Roku channel. I was a kid living in Ewen, fighting over what to watch on a Monday night when this show was on. And two episodes now, have referenced Roseanne Barr and her mouth. That should tell you that she’s been like this for a really, really long time. I WAS A KID. Living with mom and dad. So funny!

I can’t help but feel bad a little bit for her. Because she’s been herself. She never put on any fronts. And everyone read into what they wanted to read into. I’m not defending her words at all, but it’s sad to me that she’s always been herself, and suddenly, social media put this horrible twist on her.

I’ve been thinking about the boys coming in July. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see them live. I do. Do I ever. But I dont’ want to sit through three bands to get to them. Especially since once of them is one band that I really just don’t like musically. I’ve never, ever in my life liked Breaking Benjamin. No offense to them, they just aren’t a band I like. I don’t want to bash them, I just don’t enjoy them. Doesn’t mean I don’t respect what they do, because I know they have a lot of fans. They’re just not for me.

It’s also July 21. It’s only June 10th, and every day this week has been over 90 degrees. I am not going to be able to handle a day out in the sun in the middle of the July. I can’t even handle 15 minutes in the sun during the work day! Even if I didn’t go until closer to the time that the band took the stage, that’s just …. well an experience I’d like to have. If I had a group of people to go with, maybe it would be different. I actually think that would make all the difference in the world. Not going to lie, I could do that.

I remember one of the Cruefests I went to. Probably the first one I went to, with someone I met online. My friend Christine. I met her through of all places, MySpace. She flew out for the show, I really had a great time, and we met some crazies in the parking lot. That was a lot of fun! That’s the kind of concert experience I’d like to have for Five Finger Death Punch.

(Third episode with a Roseanne Barr reference. Alf Season 4.)

Someone brings a grill. Someone brings a cooler for the beverages, someone else brings bags of ice. That’s what I want for a Five Finger Death Punch concert.

I realized that I brought those guys into my life, and I didn’t mean to. They’d become so much more valuable to me than just as a band. I took them all personally, because I knew that Chris and Ivan were genuinely good guys, Zoltan was … Zoltan, Jason wanted to be a Rock Star, and Jeremy was following because he was living the life he’d worked so hard for. Pain and all.

I took a lot of their things personally. That whole lawsuit, what bothered me the most when I looked into it, was knowing who said what. Jason Hook … never put on any fronts, and it bothered me when I realized the truth. He was doing what he wanted for himself, and that’s not a bad thing. It bothered me when I realized he wasn’t who I’d hoped he was.

That’s unfair to him. Because really. To me, all he should be, is the guitarist of my favorite band. I’m grateful now, and will always be grateful, for the day he joined that band. If it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have given me what I needed to find what was in me all along. He doesn’t owe me anything, and all I owe him, is the respect of the musician that I know him to be. He’s been nothing but nice to me. And he didn’t have to be….

I really did want to send Jeremy Spencer a message through Instagram though, but I promised myself I wouldn’t bother him anymore. I didn’t have a reason to, but I did wonder. … Did Hall and Oates actually have a drummer at the show his dad took him to, or was it a drum machine. I’m thinking that they had an actual drummer though, but the song I heard yesterday, it was so obvious that it was a drum machine. I guess that’s a question for if the day ever comes that he and I do cross patches.

I don’t know what I’d talk to Z about. He kind of intimidates me for some reason. I think it’s cuz he is so showy, and I really have nothing in common with him. However, I’d like to ask about the Africa trips he’s taken. He was on a TV show about elephants, and I was curious about that. I believe he does work with some agencies over there to work on protection of elephants against poaching for their ivory.

But anyway, there I go again. If I could have any time for say an hour or so with anyone, I’d like to play cards and have coffee with Ivan. Unless he’s not doing that anymore. I think he’d be the easiest to bullshit with, not to mention, I know that he and I could easily find conversation. Even if it is to say things that needed to be said. Trust me, if anyone has anything to say to me, he does. I will have deserved it too. That’s all I’ll say.

I wouldn’t mind going to see them, if I had a group of people to go with. I don’t want to stand through three band to get to the one I want. I want to be able to have a social activity before hand. I miss that experience the most I’ve come to realize.

I was talking to one of my neighbors about the Shinedown show. I would love to go see Shinedown. Give Like a Storm some support from the crowd. They’re such wonderful gents. I really enjoyed meeting them, and I wouldn’t mind talking to those New Zealand boys about the Southern Lights. Every time I meet someone from New Zealand, I ask about it! I’ve yet to find someone who’s actually seen them.

I think I’m going to do my postcrossing again. I really enjoyed it, but things just haven’t been enjoyable for the last year. I don’t have anything that I truly enjoy. I wish I did. I’ve been looking. Max’s injury really got me worried, and though he’s better, he’s never going to be the puppy he once was. And I blame myself for that. I still remember the injury that I know caused this arthritis.

Because of that, it helped me figure out an issue I’ve been having myself. For the last I’d say six or seven years, I’ve been having this burning sensation that I believed to be an ovary issue. It’s the same spot, and it seemed to be appearing during my “cycle”. So, thinking it was a cyst, I let it be.

Thinking about Max and that injury, I did some kind of web search, and found a site that talked about displaced back pain. I read the site’s offerings, and I got to thinking about an injury of mine from my days of working at the casino. I fell on concrete, ice covered. I probably broke or cracked my tailbone, because that bad boy hurt for a really, really long time. Sometimes it still even bothers me, but I never gave it much thought.

Until I read that page. It made sense, that the injury is causing this now burning sensation. I went through tests up on tests back then to figure it out, to never have a diagnosis, only to figure it out now?

Maybe it’s not my back, but it makes sense now, and I’ve just “suffered through it” after all that testing. And with the realization, I’ve got a few things that I’ve changed since I realized this, that have actually worked. Like right now, the chair I’m sitting in.

Weird. Weird, weird, weird.

Well, I’m off. I’ve got a tomato to transplant, a vacuum belt to replace, a dishwasher to load, laundry to sort…. and a decision to make on if I’m going to tuff out the next three seasons of House. I found where I stopped watching it back then, because right now, I don’t want to continue. Which was sad, they could have taken House in so many directions. To the “Nut House” wasn’t their best decision.

I’ve only got a week left on the Prime Video, so if I’m going to do it, it’s now or never.

But first … I think I’ll turn on some Pandora, to listen to some 70s lite. I hope it’s light on the Carpenters today….


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