Today,it bothered me to learn that some one important to me, isn’t very well protected and I found a lot of personal information on him. It bothered me, because it #houldnt have been there in the first place.

I worry about his frame of mind every day as it is, and to know this stuff is out there breaks my heart. How I found out about his, is I found out about mine! All I could think as I was looking at mine was “where’s the map?” There was way more information than I have ever seen in one place on me.

I felt violated, then I felt guilty because I violated him.

I removed my stuff, and I sent an Instagram message to his guitarist asking him to please remove it! I also told him to check on the rest of them because I couldn’t do it for him.

I can’t stop thinking about it. What has the world come to that nothing… not one thing is safe.

God, I hate what we’ve all become. Be careful friends.

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