I Write the Songs

I’ve been listening to the same Pandora station for awhile now, it’s just 70s lite rock. Barry Manilow gets played every day, which is something I’ve come to enjoy. The one song I always sing along to is I Write the Songs.

I think it’s an awesome song, singing it from the perspective of music. I once suggested that 5FDP do a cover of that song, I’m sure that he thought I was a looney tune, but … think about it from the words perspective, I think it would be awesome. They tend to always do a cover on every album anyway, why not. If they did, maybe, just maybe I could forgive them for their cover of “Gone Away”.

Yes, you read that right. I’ve come to realize that I don’t enjoy their cover of that song. It’s not that they did it horribly or anything, because I think it sounds just fine. But it’s the song itself. I wish they didn’t do it is all. It’s just my opinion. I hear that they did a cover of Blue on Black by Kenny Wayne Sheppard on this last album. I haven’t heard it, and I’m sure it will be fine when I do finally hear it.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Pandora. Makes me wonder why I didn’t utilize it sooner. I hadn’t realized how much I really had stopped listening to music in general. I’m glad I changed that. Songs that make me smile, laugh, or even roll my eyes… they all bring back some sort of memory. Like this one, “Alone again (Naturally)” by Gilbert O Sullivan… It reminds me of Megamind, when he had taken over Megatropolis and was all alone… I loved that movie. That was also the last time I ever hung out with Chad’s kids, I took them to that movie.

That’s a situation I never knew how to handle, because I felt so heartless the way I walked out of their lives. He remarried, it wasn’t fair for me to hang around. But that didn’t mean I didn’t stop caring about them… But they had a mom, and then a step mom. I wasn’t anything.

Okay, new topic.

Man, there are some weirdos around here. I was out on the porch, and this new guy’s sitting in his car and staring up at me. I don’t know what his deal is, but that guy he lives with is a real winner too. Right now, open parking is in play until the first, and he littered a woman who lives in our same building with paper, because she parked in “his” spot. Sorry, “friend”, but no one has a spot right now. Honestly, I had a feeling about him since the first time I seen him, and my gut’s only been proving right from all the little things he’s pulled in the neighborhood. I really want to say something, but I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut.

That’s only one of the few…

But anyway, I’m off to finish getting ready for the work day. I started my day with a game plan for getting things in order, and the top priority is Follow Through. I still suck about that even after all these years.

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