The Cars

Remember that band? That’s one that stayed with me from childhood. I remember Dad had Candy O in the truck. I also remembered learning the sad fate of an 8 track when left on the dash board. I fell in love with the Cars and never knew it.

I’ve been listening to a Cars pandora station today. It all sounds good. I am glad that I’ve realized that I have this on my tv. Music at a touch. I don’t know where things changed, and I stopped appreciating it the way I did when I was younger. I suppose life just took place, and my mind was elsewhere. I actually feel much more at peace since I’ve been listening to music again. This kind of music.

People think I’m a headbanger, but truth is, the heaviest band I listen to is Five Finger Death Punch. That is really the only band I’ve shown any loyalty to at all over the last years. But it doesn’t mean it’s all I listen to. Granted, in the car it is, because it’s the only cd I have. (That sad excuse of a Greatest Hits album that came out in December.) But I hadn’t listened to anything else because I was plain simply lazy. All I had to do was register for the damn Pandora account. I didn’t want to do it because my last account was a work email address, and I didn’t want to type it ever again.

It took all of thirty seconds I think. Minute max. I do enjoy pandora because whatever I do want to hear I can hear. You Tube’s pretty cool like that too. So, with that being said, I have to go find a song I thought of the other day. I will share it here. 🙂

Samurai – Handsome Devil This is a band that I seen years ago, when they opened for Lit. I loved them, and this album was always fun. I don’t know if they still exist today, but check out the song. I thought of this song because I ordered the Samurai at Yoshi’s. It’s funny how we connect things in our minds at times.

I’m not doing too much these days though. Sincerely, putting effort forth to be a full fledged adult. I really don’t like living like things don’t matter, because they do. I want to have more $ in the bank, and I want to be able to get out and enjoy things.

I also want to try to get out and meet someone. Not a forever someone, but someone to hang out with. Go do things with. I’ve decided that he will be more entertained by me than by any of the things we end up doing. I have decided he’s just going to be a perfectly wonderful. person who is looking to get out more, and just not stare at the same walls every single day, like me. The only thing that I ask of him is that he doesn’t drink every single day (at least a quantity of 12 pack every day.) He doesn’t get hammered six out of seven nights of the week. Actually, much less if ever.

I’m not a prude, but I don’t like to be around alcohol or drunk people. At all. I used to be that person, and I don’t enjoy it at all. I’m not opposed to a few drinks or whatever, there’s a limit to everything.

I’m tired though, I realize. I’m ready for some time to myself. Off for a few days. That work place is a very negative energy kind of place, and I have got to work on that, because by the time I leave it’s like an energy vampire drained me dry. That’s exhausting. I’m trying not to let it get to me, but sometimes it does. I’m glad to say though some of the issue will be gone. I have to tell ya, I really like my supervisor here. She’s like none other I’ve ever had. For the most part, my coworkers are all very nice, but they still are very negative. I need to work on remembering earplugs for that reason… darn it. Fine time to remember.

The Police have been being played today as well, and I have to say I’ve been appreciating them as well. I really missed you music, really.

Have a good night. :).

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