Bad Company

I know I’ve never shared this story before. I’m reminded as the original band I’ve heard sing this song comes onto Pandora.

I actually seen Bad Company live. I want to say it was on 1991. The only thing I remember from that show, is when they did this song. I remember it because it was the night that Desert Storm was officially ended. They came out and announced that, and then played this song. I remember it so well because my uncle Bruce was there, and I knew he’d be able to get home to his family.

I haven’t heard this version much over the last few years, but it sounds good. I’ve been hearing a lot of Bad Company over the last few weeks, and they are a band that is considered a classic, and I was fortunate to see. That was my second year of college, and Bill bought my ticket because I had to pay for the window he broke in the dorm. I remember that part. Hee hee. I hope to see more classics as well. I really, just don’t want to stand anymore, so I don’t mind going to see the people I can sit and watch. 🙂

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and there’s not been much going on today. Except I was reminded once again, that I spend too much money on groceries. So I didn’t buy groceries. I’ll go pick up a few things in a few hours, but right now, I’m content sitting at home in my air conditioning.

Max is whining, but I don’t know what it is that he wants. I tell him to bring me the ball, and I just get a whine, so who knows. It’s still 100 degrees outside, so I know the poor thing is waiting to just go outside for the sake of going outside. He won’t go anywhere.

Led Zepplin is another band I’ve come to appreciate more than I used to. I really didn’t have much of an open mind for while there, regarding music. That’s my own fault, but I’ve learned to appreciate it all. Where Zep is concerned, I think it was more getting forced to listen to it when you wanted to listen to something else. When you find things by choice, I realize I do appreciate them much differently.

I’ve been watching a lot of Unsolved Mysteries lately. I realize that anything that is able to play continually runs a chance that I’ll be watching it. But it’s interesting to watch these shows.

Right now, Grand Funk Railroad. Jackyl covered these guys, Goldberg was in the video.

My mom and talked about the music scene and my life today. She said that she doesn’t get why I still want to go to these concerts. Because I enjoy them. I told her now is different then. No one ever sat me down and tried to make me realize why I was chasing the bands. They didn’t have to but damn it, listen to me when I say is is NOT THE SAME NOW AS IT WAS THEN.

That was then, this is now. Perfect phrase. That’s me. That was totally then. Now… Now is such a different story.

I’m done with the dreaming, I’m looking for the real thing these days. Whatever that may be. What is in front of me.

Five Finger is in six days, and I’m so excited to have some fun. Singing and dancing, and just enjoying the fact that the band that I love is playing live music at that moment in time. I probably won’t have my Zoltan pick, nor will I have been able to give Chris Kael the one thing I really wish to give him, something that I think … well, I think he’ll appreciate it eventually. And if I do give it to him, I hope he’ll give the one to Ivan that I give him as well. I hope that Jessica and her husband will have gotten to shaken hands with him as well, because Chris … is just a nice guy. (Noticed how I did that, I started with the “Nah it won’t happen”, and finished it like it did…. Because I’ve put it out in the universe, and I’m… well, sincerely believing that if I put it out there, it will happen…. 🙂

If it doesn’t, what does it hurt. Seriously. Bottom line, at the end of it all, I get to hear Trouble for the first time. YEEHAW!

On that note, I’m going to go figure out a few things. I’ve got a lot on my mind right now, so … I need to get stuff done.

As I sign off, Shooting Star by Bad Company came on… 🙂 Have a good day, and thanks for reading.

#rowzrocks #fivefingerdeathpunch

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