Bucket List Band

I have always wanted to see Glenn Danzig perform. This year, I’ve got the chance to put him on the seen list. And what’s really cool, I’m going with someone who’s more into them than me. She loves the punk.

So, yeah… as she pointed out, it’s the Saturday before Halloween and 30th anniversary tour. FUCK YEAH! Sorry for the language, but I’m really excited for that one. Yay!

Probably not a word Glenn Danzig would be thrilled to know someone said about seeing him live.

So excited… and she also mentioned going to see Eddie Vedder. I have to say he wasn’t one I ever wanted to see, but now … I sure would. He stood up for things he believed in, so why not. Plus I hear his solo album is awesome.

Six more days … my co workers are afraid that I’m going to be too excited all week. I’ve got work to do… but when Friday hits…. Hell YES I’ll be excited. Live music….. my boys! Five finger. Death Punch. Five finger. Death Punch….. yup, just getting warmed up.

🤪👊🏻. 5️⃣🖕☠️👊🏻!

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