Never Enough

It’s now Wednesday. Yesterday, I had a shocker and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

There’s something around Never Enough. They’ve removed it from their set list.

It bothers me because that song is special to me. What happened that it’s like it’s being erased from their history. That’s the part that bothers me. Every show, that song has been played. And now, it’s gone?

I know it’s none of my business, but that song… means something. And I’m hurt. Don’t get me wrong, it will be cool to see Ashes played, but if we’re taking a vote, I’d rather have had Meet the Monster added back to the set list.

I was only made aware of this fact because the girl that will be at the show from work, has shared the set list. She said she’s going to check out the new stuff to listen to at work. I told her that I’m going to go into it like I did on the American Capitalist show that I went to at Salt Air. I had no idea about what the new stuff sounded like yet. I did have the cd, but I hadn’t had a chance to listen to it yet. This time, I haven’t had the chance to buy the album. When I had the extra money, I bought the ticket. The cd will come eventually.

But I’m excited. I am curious about Bad Wolves. When I heard them previously, I admit, that it reminded me of FFDP, so when I looked I was surprised to find it was them.

I know nothing about Never More, and Breaking Benjamin… I have to say, not really a fan. Not every band is for everyone. I’m not going to talk smack, but I’ve seen them live already. I’m sure they’ve improved since then, but I’ll just say, it won’t be the highlight of the night for me.

I’m looking forward to seeing the boys. It’s going to be fun.

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