Last night

Last night was awesome, in so many ways.

First, I have a new friend. She’s awesome, I work with her, and she’s a Death Punch fan, like I’m a Death Punch fan. I think her husband might have been a bit worried in the beginning, but since I didn’t climb any fences, or get arrested, I think it all proved to be okay in the end.

Seriously though, great time. I really enjoyed hanging out with new friends, and listening to music.

We missed Bad Wolves due to confusion thanks to the stupid venue and changing the times of the shows. Was it 6? Was it 7? Well, turned out it was 6. Missed a good part of Nothing More as well. But hey, got nice and settled in by the time 5FDP took the stage.

It was a great show, I mean, they had a few moments where it didn’t sound perfect, but for the love of God, it was AMAZING! I really had a great time, and got a lot of weird looks because I sang most of the songs on top of my lungs. People looked at me because I was singing too loud. I didn’t stop, but still.

It was during “Gone Away” that the rain started though. Utah hasn’t seen rain in such a long time, and for it to start during that song. I remember thinking at the time how cool of the timing to be, and failed to remember what song it was. Thanks to @5FDPChrisKael, he reminded me.

I felt awesome after the show. Though most things I had put into the universe didn’t happen before, or during the show… the most important thing did. I got to see a great show, and sing on top of my lungs.

And afterwards, it was good. The rain. That rain was really amazing to me last night. The timing, the feeling … I really enjoyed the show, more than I thought I would. It was a great release for me on so many levels, and my boys are doing great.

Ivan … really, looks good. Sounds good, and his energy was fantastic. That was wonderful to see and experience.

It was great, the whole night … until the end. When we were sitting in the car, trying to get out of the parking lot, who walks by my car? CREEPY NEIGHBOR GUY! I was creeped out even more than before! EEEWWWW.

My friend invited me in when I dropped them off, but I didn’t stay. I wanted to get home before they did, and get a chance to let Max out before they got home. I did not want to encounter him at all.

And yes, I’d say by the way he was walking, he wasn’t sober last night either.

FYI, I was. I had one Monster. I think of it supporting the sponsor of my band. I really do love me one of the green Monsters from time to time, and when it’s ice cold.. Yeah, baby. I can thank 5FDP for that appreciation too. ShipRocked’s sponsor was Monster, and they put free ones in our room one morning. Been hooked ever since.

I feel free. I feel like I’m finally able to move on. For the first time, in a really long time. about it, because I guess I just feel the way I’m supposed to feel. Like I went to a concert last night. Not like I didn’t get to see the man of my dreams and not talk to him.

The way you’re supposed to feel after going to a concert. It’s been awhile, since I’ve felt this way after seeing 5FDP. It feels good.

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