Just my imagination …

Smokey Robinson and the Temptations are on right now. I have to say, I find myself listening to the 70s Lite Rock more than anything else these days. I still don’t even have the new 5FDP album. I think I keep saying that, hoping that one day the guilt will kick in and I’ll buy it.

But it hasn’t happened yet. I have heard a few songs off of it, and it sounds great and all, but I haven’t wanted to fork out the dough to pick it up.

However, on my birthday, a few weeks ago, I splurged on an actual cd. Shinedown’s ‘The Sound of Madness”. I had a mixed cd that a friend had made, and I knew so few of the songs on there. And I’ve been one for comfort music lately, familiar. So, I bought that cd on my birthday.

Sounds good too. The line “another loose cannon, gone bipolar” makes me chuckle. The song as a whole… it’s so real to me. I’ve created the sound of madness all right.

Not to mention, Shinedown is such an amazing band. I can’t help but gush about them. Them as a whole… fantastic sound I tell ya. Fantastic.

I haven’t been up to too much though. I was planning on a few shows over the next few weeks, but all have been cancelled. With the exception of Like A Storm on 12/21. I can not wait to see those boys again.. I have been waiting since July 2016! What’s sad, is I know that the one I’m so excited to see again won’t recall our last meeting, but I have a had a topic of conversation on the back burner waiting for the next time.

It’s not like it’s specifically for him, but I hope that he will know something on the topic. I’ve asked several other people from New Zealand about this topic but no one has been able to elaborate on it. I’m hoping that I’ll be lucky with him. 🙂 If so I will most definitely share the topic.

But now it’s got me curious about Australia as well. Can the Southern Lights be seen in Australia?

I have come to really start missing the Northern Lights. I really don’t like the sky that I see in the city. Back in Michigan, it used to be so dark, and the stars were all like pinpoints of light. So bright. I don’t get that here. Unless you’re way up in the mountains.

City life has really been getting to me. Everything about it. The air quality. The traffic. The people. The missionaries. (Though they are sweet kids.) The dumb people that live by me now. I am so done with this life. I’m ready for something else.

I want to go back to simple. I don’t mind driving forty miles to get to a walmart. I don’t mind driving 50 miles for a movie.


I know though, that’s not going to happen today. Or even tomorrow. But it gives me something to think about.

On that note, I’m going to go and post a few blogs about some interesting things that I have seen over the last few years while here in Salt Lake City. Just to remind myself, it’s not all bad. I’m just having a moment…. or twelve.

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