Find Zen in your Pen

I bought a pack of pens at the dollar tree the other day. Zebra. They were cute because one pen had giraffes, the other had lions. I was looking over the package, and I found a quote. Find Zen in your pen.

That was a wonderful find that day, because I love to write. I love to write by hand, but I don’t have any one special place that I write. I write a lot and throw it away. I have journals, but I can’t find one that I can write in daily. I don’t know what my problem has been.

But I got to thinking, it’s the pen. It really is. I love my pens. I love the variety in pens, but my favorite is the plain and simple, Bic Crystal. I have to add a finger mold, whatever they call those things you slip on the pen to make it more comfortable to write. But that is the smoothest writing pen I’ve found.

They don’t make the paper that was my favorite from years ago. It was Mead, and it was recycled loose leaf paper. That was my favorite to write on because with those pens, i loved the smoothness of it.

Don’t ask me where that came from. I was writing this morning, and I realized that it’s my own fault that I don’t utilize this wonderful gift I have to write here more often. I’ve got so many things that I want to share with people. Weird wonderful things. Eventually, I’m going to move back to Wisconsin, and want to have seen all the things in Utah, so I can start sharing things in Wisconsin.

I really don’t know why I haven’t done more sharing. I’ve seen some interesting things over the last year. The next seven weeks are going to be busy though. I know I haven’t shared this, but I’m going to be dealing cards at parties in my off time. I have my first two parties this week. I’m excited.

How I got into this… I don’t really know when it was that I figured out to even look into it. But I will tell you this, it was because I kept going back to the night I had the time of my life in a casino.

You can take what you will from this story, but one thing you need to know about me going in. I dealt in a casino for three years. My favorite game to deal was Roulette. When you could get the table going, and you’re all having fun.. it’s really a lot of fun. Before this night, I had never been able to be the player that got the table going.

I had done my Ivan Moody gushing. I spewed my guts. He was very nice about it. And we went our separate ways. Colette was down watching Korn, and as much as I love their music, I really wanted to play in the casino. I don’t get urges like that often, but it was my free time, and yes, that was where I knew Ivan was. I would like to think that didn’t make my decision for me, but … I had written in my journal, I was going to have a drink with him that night.

So, I went to the casino with $40. I played blackjack, and ended up breaking even, and heading over to the roulette table. I don’t know where it started, but we had that table rocking. I was hitting big, and the dealers were winning, and we were having a great time. I would ask Ivan for a number, he was sitting at three card poker which was right next to roulette.

I had the time of my life that night. I would like to think that the dealers made a few hundred off of me. When Ivan’s number would hit, I’d give him a red chip. He would in turn give it to his dealer.

But through out the years, I kept going back to that night to the most fun I’d had in years. And I really did enjoy dealing, it was a lot of fun, and I met some interesting people.

But there aren’t any casinos in Utah.

And I remembered something I’d tried a few times in Milwaukee. Casino Parties. It’s not gambling because you aren’t dealing with money. My first party is tomorrow. It’s going to be interesting.

I’m also doing a party at a friend’s house on Saturday. I haven’t ever been to a party like that so I’m pretty excited. I don’t drink, so I’ll be all wound up on caffeine and remember it all. It’s actually Friends Giving 2018. She’s planning on relocating to Vegas within the next few months. It will be exciting to see how things go for them. 🙂

I’m redecorating this weekend. I have come to realize that I’ve never really made this place home. I’ve had piles in places, somewhere in this apartment pretty much the whole time I’ve lived here. I’m closer than ever to getting everything in its place. So, I’m excited to get this together this weekend. I’m excited most for my clock. I killed one of mine on fall back. I learned you’re not supposed to turn a clock backwards.

But I’m very excited to see how it comes together. Mom and I are going to shampoo the rugs on Sunday. I finally got my new blinds, and they feel so wonderful. It amazes me how simple changing just one or two things really can make a huge difference. I’m most excited about the part where I don’t feel like I’m living in a dive. Those blinds were grossing me out. Really grossing me out. But now that I have new blinds, I want curtains.But what color? Change brings life shattering decisions I tell ya. No wonder I waited so long.

(That was an attempt at sarcasm)

This is a tweet. I have been downsizing things, and I have some Five Finger Death Punch memorabilia that I really don’t see myself using in the near future. This, I was going to try to use to spruce up Max, but …. honestly, they’re not for Max. He likes the softer rock, so I can’t force him to support them. (Seriously, he does show preference over the difference in music.)

I liked it, but I seriously didn’t have a used for it. But it had to go to a good home. This kid, the Norwegian Knucklehead : ) , is the admin for the groups FFDP NORWEGIAN KNUCKLEHEADS. He’s made me laugh just about every day since he started following me on Twitter. He has groups on Instagram and Facebook too. But what I found to be the most wonderful about this tweet, was the appreciation of the written letter. He did get me a letter back out, and he in turn sent me an amazing Norway Calendar… where the first picture was the Northern Lights. Amazing.

That was the most wonderful part of that tweet. I love to write letters, and I don’t mind writing. I’m trying to find more pen pals, but I don’t want to really just put myself out there. People are still jerks, and I don’t want any of those. I want someone who just appreciates the pen to paper aspect.

Anyway, if you’re up to following someone new and you want to know what’s up with the guys, follow him. I don’t have to follow them, he shares it. I like it that way.

Speaking of the guys though, Jeremy Spencer is sitting out the fall tour due to back issues. I hope you’re recovering quickly, Jeremy. I’m not going to lie, I’m very happy that you’re finally taking care of yourself. It’s been bothering me that you’ve been playing in that pain. You need to take care of yourself. First and forth most, YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Sorry, but it bothers me when you men put everything else before you. We’ll all still be here.

Speaking of weird things, this will be one of the things I tell you about. Gilgal Gardens. This is a sphinx with the face of Joseph Smith. How’s this for simply ODD?

Have a great day. Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Find Zen in your Pen

  1. Hey Cheri, I’m a little behind on ur writings. I’m kept pretty busy at work, 9 hour days. I love letter writing if u want a pen pal. E-mail me for my address. Miss seeing you at Webb’s 😉 Love ya, good luck with the casino


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