Jeremy Spencer

I wondered how I’d re@ct when the news of a band member came out. I thought I’d be devastated, but I was honestly kind of relieved when Jeremy announced he left the band.

It wasn’t a secret that he had issues with his back. In fact last summer, I recall wishing that they’d take time off, one reason being Jeremy needed to take care of his back. But it was worse than I thought, and truthfully, I had begun to be concerned that he might end up … well paralyzed. I don’t know the extent of his back injury, but I can only imagine… and I pictured a whole lot of degenerated discs. Eventually, they’d be touching each other if he kept playing the way that he did.

Something tells me that this has plagued him for sometime. I even have some speculations about his performance last summer, but like I said …. the are only speculations. I was surprised that the skeleton costume was back.

I’m glad that he chose himself. Knowing what I do, which really isn’t much, he chose himself. It probably had to have been the hardest decision he’s ever made.

What bothers me now, is how everyone is talking about him in the past tense. Yes, he is no longer the drummer for 5FDP, but without him, there wouldn’t have been a 5FDP. One person said something and I think that’s what is sitting on my heart.

He’ll always be a part of the Knucklehead community, or something like that. Right, but there wouldn’t be one without him. And I don’t know why it bothered me. The guy who said it is my favorite fan. He is a good man, and he was being 100% sincere.

I guess I worry he’ll be forgotten in history. Kind of like the first guitar player. You never hear anything about him. People forgot about him because in walked Jason. Without Jason though, this all would have never happened. But still, he was the guitar player on the first album.

That’s probably why Never Enough never made it to the greatest hits album. Because of that guy. (Daryl? Darren?) see, I don’t even know! I don’t want that to happen to Jeremy I suppose.

I’ll follow him to see what happens, I do hope to cross paths with him again. I do see changes ahead, that’s for sure. Good for all involved.

It does bother me that I will see that thing you do studio scene playing out. I don’t know why though. I have nothing to base my feeling on… 😞🤕🤔🤔🤔

My Bluetooth keyboard is officially retired. I will be getting a new one this weekend… 👍

In my job, it’s not easy doing what I do. But I look at it differently than most, and this phrase is something I remind myself daily.


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