Stupid Nationwide

First, let me clarify, I really have nothing against Nationwide. Actually, their commercials make me smile a lot. I didn’t realize until their commercials, that I have a secret crush on Peyton Manning.

Now, it’s no secret. I don’t know what it is, probably that clean cut, never hear anything bad about him kind of guy. He’s the guy next door ideally. And many times through out the year, randomly, I’d catch myself singing, “Nationwide is on your side” to myself.

Well, now they went and added Brad Paisley to the mix.

“Tiny baby shoes. So close.”

I don’t listen to country, and I was very close to actually considering going to see him live. All because of Nationwide.

That came to a screeching halt when I found that Mr. Paisley wants $82 for LAWN SEATS. That’s the cheap seat! Sorry dude, I was going to do it, but I wouldn’t even pay that to see…. well, ANYONE. I work too hard, and I get that he’s a performer, but where’s the line.

So, yeah, stupid Nationwide. (No offense, people at Nationwide. I know that you’re a very respectable insurance company, and truly, I have not one bad thing to say. But this one, this one’s on your marketing department. 😉 )

On to other music news…

I do have one concert I’m going to planned for the summer. Shinedown.

Man, they’ve grown so much musically. I remember seeing them for free years ago. Probably about 10 by now. They did a free show downtown at the Galavan Center. In the time from then, musically they’ve grown so much… I know I said that already, but I’m impressed at where they’ve come from. Great musicians/performers/songwriters.

I haven’t been impressed by much lately, but I haven’t gone out of my way to find new either. I discovered ELO’s greatest hits yesterday. I am finding that I really like them. A LOT. (Electric Light Orchestra).

What are you listening to these days? Anything been catching your attention more than other stuff?

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