My Entertainment this Summer

I’m not sure how long anyone has been reading this, but if you go back, you’ll see where I had an obsession with the band Five Finger Death Punch. I’m happy to say, that I think I’m past that.

For so many years, I’ve never had much of a reality with men. The last guy I dated was 8 years ago, if not longer. He’s since been married for most of them, and I’ve met a few losers.

When I was younger, like when I first turned 21, I fell for band guys. I now realize why I did that. There was always someone happy to see me when I went to see them. That’s how Jeff Worley had me hooked. Damn him for being truly, a nice guy. Poor Jeff, looking back, I know he must of thought I was a true weirdo.

It was easier for me because my reality, wasn’t there. Looking back over the last 10 years, I see my patterns, and vow to do everything to change them. I don’t want to chase band guys anymore. But honestly, I have no clue about going about and meeting a real one.

But back to the band guys things… I’m sure that my Facebook posts have Mom worried. I’m going to three concerts this summer. One even surprises me.

First, Shinedown. That one is pure selfishness. That band is amazing, and I can’t wait to hear them really, really loud.

KISS. It’s their last tour, and I do believe it will be their last. This band is as old as I am. Seriously. They’ve been around forever, and the fact that there will be 20,000 people there to sing along and give them the farewell they deserve… Heck yeah, I want to be a part of that. I have seen KISS live before, and they always, ALWAYS sound good. I really enjoyed the reunion tour.

Sting and the Utah Symphony. First, I may not be a HUGE Sting fan, but I loved the Police. I know it’s not the same, but he’s a good singer, and he’s been a pretty outstanding guy for the most part. He’s done a lot for the world around him. Not to mention, when else will I ever be able to say “I’m going to the symphony”, and 100% mean it?

The KISS thing came about when I found out a co worker was talking about her 12 year old wanting to go. I went right up and told her to take him. If music is such a huge thing for them, let him have that experience! Then I got to thinking about this really being their last tour. Respect, I have to go.

I have always loved music. And I realize now, I forgot that. I work with a lot of people that enjoy live music, and honestly, really are interesting, good people. I find myself wanting to talk about that stuff again, or listen to something someone suggested… and actually updating myself. I’ve been pretty behind the times it would seem.

The thing is, they look at me weird, but they’ll tell me more, because I genuinely want to know more. Yesterday’s topic of conversation was Luke Bryan. Ending up on other topics for Mr. Bryan, but it turned into a conversation that I enjoyed. Like I said, I work with genuinely good people who adore sarcasm as much as i do.

That’s an experience I sincerely appreciate. Don’t me wrong, I’ve always worked with good people, but there were always …. things that made it a bad experience. My biggest issue was never being listened to, or talked to. I left a job of 6 1/2 years, because my manager told me I didn’t have integrity. It was clear, he didn’t know the meaning of the word. But here, people know what it means because most of them have it. That’s a wonderful feeling. I’m very blessed for the job that I have, with the company I do. It took a very long time to find a place that I appreciate, and I feel appreciates me.

On that note, that you for being kind enough to offer me some time. Have a great day. šŸ™‚

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