Top Secret

I was told yesterday, that I’m secretive, that I keep everything top secret.

I have been thinking about that. No, I’m just boring and really, haven’t been doing anything. I sit home, at my desk, night after night. Until about 9. Then I’ll put on Everybody Loves Raymond right before bed. I go to bed. I get up about 4, have coffee at my desk until about 6, which is most days when Max wants to go for his walk. I come back, sit at my desk a little longer, get ready for work.

At work, I work. Break time Annette and I usually walk to 7-11, big gulps are 79 cents this month. I go back to work. I go home at lunch time, where I throw the ball or shoot it with the tennis ball gun for about 20 minutes of that. I go back to work. I come home at five. Feed Max, go for a walk a and return to my desk.

How is that secretive? I know that i don’t post like I used to on social media, and I hadn’t been posting here. Social Media to me… really isn’t what it once was. I am not a fan of seeing everyone’s selfies. Selfies are every where now. Selfies to me were once special for me and Colette, and commemorating something we did.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all selfies. People deserve to show themselves when they are feeling confident, and trying to pass along a message of some sort. Or sharing something special. But I’m talking the dailies. Once a week maybe, but not every day.

My favorite social media site though, is Instagram. Funny that I ‘d say that, you’d think that there would be many more selfies there. But there’s not really. That has all the positive vibes I need.

I don’t know if it’s okay to share the posts from there, but you’ll see how I do share, I always try to make sure the original person is listed. I don’t want to ever take credit for anything that I share, because none of them are mine. Which brings to my attention, I realize now, I better start looking into that stuff for when things are going to start looking, and being better.

I have been finding that I enjoy setting the time aside to write. I have a feeling that my lack of writing, probably let to the top secret comment as well. I was in a funk, and I really didn’t know how to utilize this website, and I wasn’t sure what i was even going to do with it. I want to share, but what do I want to share? Will anyone even be interested in what I have to share?

I realize that yes, people do care what I share. I realize that it helps keep them in the loop, and when i don’t write, they worry. So, with that knowledge, I will make it a point to share a post every day. 🙂

With this effort, will come quality. I love this new keyboard, and I find myself excited to write on my IPad. I never thought that would happen, but this thing is amazing. Two years or more later, I realize what a truly wonderful gift this really is.

Thanks lil bro!

This is the one thing I think I would never want to be without again. The one material thing that is. I find myself writing ideas down, and wanting to write about stuff.

I honestly am feeling better than I ever did before. And I’m kind of surprised by that, because it’s been the week from hell. EVERYONE doubts me. I mean everyone. Not one person I talked to yesterday, has any faith in me at all. Also, that whole work thing on Thursday. *(would love to elaborate, but on the off chance someone reads this, I better not. However I will say this. Nepotism and Hypocrisy is alive and well in the work place.)*

So, even more, I’ve got stuff to prove and if anything this has only given me incentive to kick ass and take names.

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