The Purge

I’d like to say that I’m talking about Pete the Cop from the tv show, The Purge, but not today. (Side note, did anyone watch that 10 episode show on TNT? I loved it.)

Dominic Fumusa as Pete the Cop

But today, I’m talking about the great purge of 9D. I’d been doing okay, a little here and a little there, but I’ve decided that I’m in for the day, and it’s time to get a move on.

What’s been surprising to me, is that I’m actually enjoying the whole process. Getting rid of things feels amazing, and really… it’s just stuff that I’ve been holding on for someday.

I’m not throwing away much. I’ve decided to donate a lot. So that will benefit a charity close by. But I’m also going to see some stuff. I didn’t realize just how many things i have that I don’t even use. They’re just … there.

I’m sure at one point I felt I had to keep them. I look at them now, and remember why, and I realize it’s okay to let go. Sounds silly, but expressing the gratitude for the time I had it seems to be able to make that process easier.

I realize more than ever before, I really do want this to be the best chapter of life. My chapter five.

And just as a tribute, and a reminder of where I got the name for my website…

From the book, There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk, by Portia Nelson. I find it so profound, because I find it easier to move past the silly stuff when I put it in the perspective of this. I do have to say Ms. Nelson was a very interesting lady, and I do plan to elaborate on that some day. But for today, I just want to remind the world of her contribution into my mind. Even if indirectly, however, more directly than most.

Enjoy your day. Thanks for checking in. Leaving on a positive thought ….

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