We Have Cows

I was thinking of the movie Twister, the one with Helen Hunt and Bill Pullman, when I googled this expression, but when I seen this picture I couldn’t pass it up.

Paradise Hills. They have cows. In fields of awesome colored wildflowers. Bonus. I truly don’t even want to know what the farming simulation is though. Not even a tiny bit.

I realize more and more that I do need to get some new movies into me though. I watch the same ones over and over, because they’re familiar. I don’t know, I really don’t enjoy going to the theater like I used to, and I’m awful at returning movies. I have way too many former Redbox movies in my collection.

But I do realize that I don’t enjoy my living room. I hope to change this when I move. I’m getting new furniture, and I’m going to try to watch more movies. I’m even going to sit down and watch Walking Dead. I haven’t watched it the way it’s supposed to be watched since it’s come back on from winter break. That first episode back kinda burst my bubble I guess. Not sure why though.

(Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I do enjoy him on the screen. )

However, I do believe that I don’t enjoy the Negan character quite like I once did. So, John Winchester is back up there as my favorite character he’s played. (I’d pick the P.S. I Love You guy, but come on. Him and Gerard Butler in one movie. For the same girl? Things like that just don’t happen. Yes, I believe in a monster chasing guy before two guys like that existing.)

I found a new chanelll I’ve been streaming from the Pluto channel, courtesy of my Roku. Cold Case Files. I know that these are all older shows, but they’re all new to me! This one, are old cases that ended up getting solved years later. It blows my mind how things have come to be how they are today. Where they all steamed from. I always had a fascination with forensics.

I had even thought about going back to school for forensics, and then I realized something. At this stage in the game, I don’t want to learn so much new stuff. I mean, I’m not opposed to taking a class, but I don’t have the desire to sit and learn so much at once. One thing at a time!

I don’t want to run out and commit to something that I know that I’m not going to follow through on. Yeah, sounds great, but I find I’ve started to pay attention to myself. Know that I’m not going to follow through, and I’m really trying to stick with things that I will follow through on.

On this note, I’m off for the day. I’m going to Mom and Dad’s for lunch, that’s the only thing planned for outside of these walls today. Stuff to do, people to see… you know how it goes, you’ve got your own formula. Thank you for reading.

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