A Blast from my Past

I found out that Jackyl is coming to town next month. Jackyl is a band that I devoted a good decade of my life chasing. I seen a whole lot of the US of A following them.

Jackyl’s been a bowl of emotions for me. Some say they’re just a band, but for awhile there, they were more than that to me. I am not sure why, because really, they humored me more than anything else, but they were always nice to me.

After awhile, it wasn’t about their music anymore. It was wanting to be accepted by these guys. A feeling I never fully got, but that was because I know now, I was trying way too hard. However, I have met many people through them, seen many places, and have had many laughs because of what they have brought to my life.

They were the first group of people that I wanted to belong with that I never felt that way with. Though they accepted me on some level, I never felt what I was hoping to, and even now, I don’t even know if I can put into words. I just wanted to belong. And I never quite did.

However, I do have respect for them. Especially Jesse James Dupree. He thinks I’m an idiot, haven’t given him much reason to think otherwise I suppose, but I do have respect for him. He’s always doing something. If you follow him, you will see all the different things he’s up to. He’s never still!

I want to sit down with him, and talk to him. I think it’s more so because I want to tell someone’s story, and his is an interesting one. I’ve watched the crazy stuff he’s pulled over the years, and I think it’s amazing that he is still going. He’s inspiring actually. I’ve asked him year after year, and it’s never happened. I’m hoping this is the time he says yes. It just so happens that I’m off around that same time. That just happened, it wasn’t planned around that.

I’ve decided that it’s time that I find my Jackyl scrapbook. I haven’t seen it in over 10 years. Wow. 10 years. Not since I moved back to Utah.

I downloaded some of their music the other day. I forgot how much Jesse sounds like both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson.

I think it’s time that I put this one to rest. I dont’ know why I feel so unsettled about the whole thing in the first place. It’s the whole Jeff of the thing I think. I still don’t know what was up there. He was just a nice guy. But I admit his smile still can make my heart skip a beat. At least it did that last time.

I really need to meet people.

Have a great day.

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