31 Days

Not that I’m counting down or anything. I will not be more happy than the day that I can leave this place behind once and for all. Last night, someone was careless and the bathtub drained all over my bathroom, through my vent fan and the ceiling. It takes a lot for me to get grossed out, but that pushed me over the line. I’ll be going into the front office today to let them know.

31 more days.

What’s everyone up to today? Not much here. I’m going to be going through more stuff, getting rid of more stuff, talking to the front office, and going to the parents house for lunch tomorrow. I’ve got a billion chores I’m working on, but I’m sure you all have moved before, and have found that that entails.

I am however, contemplating a nap. I’ve come to appreciate the true beauty in those. Take them when you can.

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