My friend, the Roku

I guess this one is for my friends that pay way too much for their tv viewing. I love the Roku, and am very glad for this tiny little gadget.

The most recent reason I love this thing, is for a channel that I was introduced to. The Pluto Channel.

My brother told me about the channel, because it’s like a cable grid of channels. If you like shows like Forensic Files or Unsolved Mysteries, these channels inside of this channel will play these shows for 24 hours a day.

In addition to these channels, they also have music channels. Up until today, I really never explored all that was on there. But I didn’t want to listen to talking, I wanted to listen to tunes.

I have Amazon music, I have Pandora, but I just was flipping through the Pluto TV channels. I found these beauties. There’s a station for the Rat Pack, oldies, you know the normal ones. I stopped on one called the Strip, and read about it being a part of sunset strip music scene in the 80s.

Holy moly, does this station ROCK! There was one song that was beginning, that sounded familiar. I didn’t think it could be that song though, I hadn’t heard it in 20 years! I got up to look at the name on the screen.

“Hot Cherie” by the band, Hardline.

I know you haven’t heard that song, because I haven’t heard it in 20 years. Unless of course you were an 80s music junkie like myself.

This little device cost me I think 20 or 30 bucks, but I will tell you, that has saved me more than I ever even thought. Because I really don’t watch much tv. The Walking Dead season, completely different story, but otherwise, I really don’t have shows that I watch. I have tv on for back ground noise, they’re all so familiar now… so it’s perfect for me. This one that I’m sharing, is one of the fancy voice ones. Still a decent price.

Other channels that I utilize. Pandora. Amazon Prime. (I’m going to pay for the the service anyway, I’m going to utilize what tv I get. However, the quality of Amazon Prime tv is not what it once was. The Pluto Channel. The Roku Channel. Those last two channels have many, many tv shows and movies. All you get is a few blocks of commercials. Four at a time. I watched Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, with Gene Wilder thank you very much, the other day before work. It was wonderful!

If you’re looking to save some money, and don’t want to have $200 tv bills, sincerely look into the Roku. I love mine, so much that I now have two. I think I’ll always have one since I’ll always have the internet.

Thank you, Roku inventors and investors!!

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