My name is Cherri, I have a dog that is the center of my universe. What you will find this site to be, is a journey to find my personal Chapter Five. (*My Autobiography in Five Short Chapters – Portia Nelson*)  Life really is a cycle of patterns, what our job is to do the best with the chapter we’ve been given. Or that’s the way I look at it. Each time you’re faced with a scenario, you can either handle it the same exact way over and over again, or try something different.  That’s when you ask yourself, what chapter am I really in?

Every day, I strive to be the best person I truly can be. I have weird tangents from time to time, but deep down… I’m just hoping to spark conversation somewhere along the line.

I deal with depression, and I finally feel like I understand what it really is. And I really can have control over it. My writing has always been the place where I felt I could help myself the most with it, so …. here we are.

What do I hope to gain from my experience here? I’m not sure exactly. I hope to gain my freedom of expression. I haven’t written in awhile because I feel embarrassed I guess about my true feelings coming out. But that’s always been on me. I’m working on letting that go.

I also hope to do some exploring of the world around me, and I do hope to share that with others.  I just want people to know … it’s okay to do things alone.   Or with your dog. If you can even get him in the car.