New York and How I Met Your Mother

A friend reached out to me yesterday about going somewhere new. She wanted an adventure, and I agreed, it sounded like an awesome idea!

Of all places, she suggested New York. New York? I never had the notion to go to New York, until I got to thinking about all the things that are there.

And to boot, Ted Mosby crossed my mind.

Yes, I know, another tv reference. I genuinely liked Ted though. He and I are actually quite alike. This reference leads to when he was moving out of New York, and he had his goodbye to New York list.

Once I started to think about that list, and all the places that I would want to see if I ever when to the Big Potato. (Rose Nyland reference for those Golden Girls fans), the trip started to plan itself.

We work together, my friend and I, and we needed something to work for. So, New York City it is!

It’s probably not a place that I’d go again, so this is going to be fun to try to make the most of it in that city. Now that the move is over, I needed something else to look forward to.

If you have any must dos for this city, please share! I’ve got the list started, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Hard Rock… those are just a few. I’m determined the list needs to be big to see just how much we can cram into those four or five days.