Finding A Solution

Two weeks ago, I felt great. Right now, I feel like a tangled ball of nerves. My shoulders are tight, like I’ve got a rubber band around me, bringing everything in. I need to find a way to unwind.

I hate this feeling. I was seeing a chiropractor, but I realize now, that what I got the most out of, was the chair. It was one of those massage chairs, but that darn thing found the  knot right below my right shoulder blade, and made that ball go away.  Something my tennis ball just can’t seem to do.

I think that the solution could be the pedicure.  It’s $20 cheaper than the chiropractor, and they have the massage chairs that hit the shoulders.  I think I’m feeling guilty for wanting one so bad.  Because honestly, the thought of soaking my feet sounds heavenly.

Yeah, I know this isn’t exactly the most exciting post for day two.  It’s what’s been on my mind. It really annoys me that I have this pain all day long. It makes me snippy, and that’s not a good thing.  What’s worse is I think I got used to it so long ago, that I don’t even realize I get that way.

What I really need to do is to find an at home solution. I was thinking about tai chi. This looks like a series of stretching, which is what I think that I need.  Anybody  have thoughts on that one?